Scottish Rugby Concussion Education Module

For all players, volunteers, and parents.

In a fast moving game of rugby, it can be difficult for any one person to have eyes on all players looking for possible concussion episodes.

We also need to recognise that whilst the new tackle law trials, introduced into the community game this season, should help reduce incidents of concussion the new laws can’t remove them entirely. 

It important that everyone involved in the game has good knowledge of what concussion is, how to recognise a possible concussion and react appropriately.

The new Scottish Rugby Concussion Education Module, which makes up part of the wider RugbyRight course, is now available for members of the wider rugby community to complete. 

The course includes comprehensive support to help identify and manage concussion, and provides clear information on the graduated return to play protocols at all ages and stages of the game. 

Scottish Rugby encourages all players, volunteers and parents to undertake it.

Remember the more we educate ourselves in relation to concussion the better we will be able to recognise it and take the appropriate action. 

Click HERE to complete the course.

For more information about concussion please visit the Scottish Rugby Concussion Hub 

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