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Six Nations 2024 - Home Game Arrangements


UPDATE 27th SEPT 2023

Brian Murison, International Ticket Secretary, has advised that the  club has now received its allocation for the home games. 

The tickets will be allocated to individuals by the ticket secretary this week. 

The deadline to pay for these tickets is the 29th November 2023.

Failure to pay on or before this date will mean the tickets will be reallocated.

Payment should made through the ticketing portal once tickets are allocated. 

Please remember the tickets will be allocated via the SRU ticketing portal and members are advised to ensure they have activated their accounts with the SRU. Hopefully, as advised, you did this prior to appying for your tickets.   

You can find a lot of information regarding Scottish Rugby Online Ticketing here:

My Scottish Rugby Online Ticketing Account

For more information regarding the Scottish Rugby Ticket App click here:

Scottish Rugby Ticketing App

The video on this page shows how to access, manage, and complete your payment for club allocated tickets. 

However, if you have any queries please contact Brian Murison, Ticket Secretary, please click here to send an email.

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