Tackle Height Law Trials : Season 23/24

Big change coming down the line.

You’ve probably heard about the proposed changes to the Law about tackle height that is being introduced in Season 23/24

It will take time for the players, coaches, and even the referees to adjust to these changes. It’s one thing training for the change, but it’s quite another executing a new skill when under pressure in a game.  There’s no doubt the new law will need a few months to bed in.  

With everyone trying to adapt, players and referees will make mistakes. There is definitely a chance that red and yellow cards will fly during the early part of the season.

But it’s not just the players, coaches, and officials who will need to get to grips with the new Tackle Height Law Trials.  Our supporters, volunteers, and parents of our younger players will also have some learning to do. All in the interest of understanding what the aim is and giving the trial a chance to settle in. 

So, what is being done, and what are Scottish Rugby and others trying to achieve by making these changes?  

Basically the tackle area has been lowered to a line below the sternum  (breastbone).

Any any tackle above that line could be penalised. The aim is to reduce the number of head on head collisions. This should in turn also reduce the number of concussions that occur. 

Where to get more information.

The coaches all agree that the clubs and teams who adjust to the new laws the quickest are more likely to be  successful this season.  So it’s important that we learn quickly and move forward.

Please take the opportunity to watch the video. It has been put together from Scottish Rugby’s roadshow slides and demonstration videos. It includes examples of legal tackles and tackles that will now be illegal moving forward.

Please visit the Scottish Rugby Tackle Height Hub for the more information. 

With positive side line behaviours from everyone – club officials, coaches, players, and supporters – the game can take some steps to improve player welfare in our game. 

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