Highland win last home game of 2022

Highland 58-14 Aberdeen Grammar Rugby

Highland finally welcomed Aberdeen Grammar to Canal Park after the passing of the Queen resulted in the original home tie being postponed, and the subsequent away fixture was postponed due to flooding. 

This was the first competitive fixture since Highland lost to Grammar in the National League Cup Final back in 2019. 

Highland wanted to show that they have grown a lot since that game. 

So rather than describing the game you can catch up with the highlights of the match by clicking the. video clip. 

Please note that we did have some technical difficulties on Saturday which resulted in the loss of coverage for about 10-15minutes at the end of the 1st Half. 

For those of you with a bit more time on your hands you can catch the full (available) footage by clicking on the link below,

Highland V Aberdeen Grammar 10th dec 2022 Full Coverage

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