Remember without respect we have nothing.

The Players and Coaches at Highland Rugby Club all believe and perform within a culture which we believe portrays the whole Club in a positive light. Our culture is non-negotiable and founded on respect. Respect for everything and everyone involved in our game, our club, our city and beyond. There are times when, as a group, we fall short of our own high standards and when we do we recognise, act, apologise, learn and move forwards. Thankfully those moments are rare but never swept under the carpet.

When any of our teams are playing at Canal Park on a Saturday I am well aware of the motivational lift that positive vocal support from the touchlines and balcony gives them. It really does help and encourage players, that connection makes our ground a great place to be on match days.

However, when the vocal support passes beyond the point of being “light hearted banter” and becomes aggressive and unpleasant towards anyone, whether that is the referee, touch judges, opposition players or even our own players, then that is the point to consider the impact it has on those people and also the impact on what we have built here.

Can I urge everyone to enjoy supporting our team to the hilt whilst remembering that without respect we have nothing.

Brian Bell Director of Rugby

Graham Findlater, Club President, added;

“We all come down to watch and enjoy rugby. The game relies on match officials. Although we encourage our supporters to get behind our team, please do not use foul language towards the referee or players. Also please respect the kickers from both sides when they are taking penalties and conversions. Rugby is a family game with family values”

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